Private puppy training

Private puppy training lessons focus on the most important parts of puppy training. Because if you create a good start for your dog, he or she will become a happy adult. With puppies we have this time window. A puppy needs to be socialised before 3 to 4 month old, to grow up as a fine adult dog. To prevent behavioural problems in the future.

This puppy training is ment for a puppy or basic training for older dogs.
When you would help with behaviour related issues with a dog older than 5 month, take a look at private dog training.

Private puppy training

We focus on the basic skills and obedience that are so important for a puppy. Such as walking on leash, come when called, attention for you as the owner, social skills, trust. These are basics to grow up as a confident and well behaving adult dog. Private puppy training sessions can be used for:

  • What to teach a puppy, set your priorities
  • Understand the behaviour of your puppy
  • How to handle puppy behaviour
  • Teach your puppy new skills
  • Ask all your puppy questions
  • It’s a private lesson, so total focus on your puppy
  • For puppy or basic obedience training with an older dog


The private puppy training price is € 85,-/ hour, at your home address  (including 21% VAT)

puppy training Hondentaak Wassenaar

Travel costs €1,- / km. Parking fee’s will be charged.

Contact me via to check upon available date and time.