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Private dog training is the way to get quick results from training your dog. No distractions from others and training completely tailored to your needs. If you are looking for an empathetic trainer who looks at the big picture and thinks in terms of solutions, read on.

Your dog is a true family member, a friend in the home. Sometimes during your dog’s life, however, you run into situations that are not easy to solve on your own. In that case, it’s smart to seek professional help early on. That prevents problems in the future. You can find me in Wassenaar, in the randstad on the coast between Leiden and The Hague.

Private dog training

Private training is a dog training that is completely focused on you. 1-on-1, where it is also possible for family members to participate. I base these trainings on an ethically sound ‘positive’ way of training. So I take into account your dog’s well-being as well as yours. You can expect compassionate guidance from me. Training is for learning and you will be given time for that.

What does private dog training with me entail?

My goal is to work on the cause, not just the behavior. This way we create real change and prevent the dog from just learning a trick. I teach you to look at your dog yourself to understand his communication. If you learn to understand your dog well, you will be able to handle many situations yourself afterwards.

If you have not taken one of my online courses or previous private training, you will fill out a digital questionnaire beforehand. Based on your answers, I will prepare my visit. During our appointment we discuss your situation until I have a good idea. We start working on your dog’s behavior together, with me helping you, giving tips and you practicing. Usually a private dog training session takes about 1.5 hours. My training sessions always include ‘aftercare’. So if you have questions afterwards, you can always contact me. Follow-up training sessions are possible.


Private dog training can be aimed at changing undesired behavior, such as:

  • barking at other dogs and/or people
  • undesired behavior with visitors
  • chasing bicyclists, mopeds, etc.
  • other aggressive, fearful or intrusive behavior
  • a lack of obedience
  • impulse control / self-control
  • not being able to stay home alone
  • walking without pulling

The sooner you take action on unwanted or problematic behavior, the more likely you are to be able to resolve it quickly and easily.

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Costs for a behavioral session: € 147,- (incl. 21% VAT)

Travel costs: €1,- per kilometer distance. Parking costs will be charged. For an additional charge of €50,- you will receive a report/training plan afterwards.

Currently I have limited availability for private coaching and you can only use this after doing a matching online course. Please contact me via info@remcon15.sg-host

If you book an online course (only availbale in Dutch), you can start right away with it!