Private dog training

Private dog training

Private dog training will help you understand the way your dog learns, and how to teach him new or other behaviour.

Probably you would like to teach your dog to start or stop doing something and you are looking for help to get this right. Very good, this will benefit you and your dog. Read below how I can help you with your dogtraining.

Hondentaak is located in Wassenaar, near Leiden en Den Haag.

Unwanted behaviour

Because the dogtraining is private, the purpose of the training is totally up to you. My training should be as relaxed and fun as possible, for both you and the dog. Because of the free choice of training, this is also suited for beginners, rescue dogs, senior dogs, dogs that do not fit in a group of dogs etc. Private dogtraining has no limitations.

Solve any unwanted behaviour, like:

  • Barking at other dogs, people or other
  • Good behaviour with visitors at home
  • Chasing bikes, cars etc.
  • Aggressive or pushy behaviour
  • Lack of obedience
  • Impuls control
  • Anxiety issues
  • Loose leash walking
  • etc

Don’t wait if your dog has behavioural issues, it’s much easier to fix in an earlier stage.

Hondentraining Hondentaak Wassenaar


After registration, you’ll receive a short questionnaire. I use the answers to prepare for our training session.

In most cases, I visit your house. We go through your situation and questions, followed by the practical part and go over the exercises you can do with your dog to work on the existing challenges and training.

Costs € 147,- (price includes 21% VAT). For €50,- extra you will receive a report/ training plan.  

Travel costs €1,-/ km, excluding parking fees. 

Contact me via to check upon available date and time.