Long dog leash

Long dog leash

During training sessions I prefer to use a longer leash (3 meters) that gives the dog some freedom and keeps the owner in control. The fabric contains rubber components with gives good grip to the leash and does not make the leash slippery when wet. Easy to clean, just rinse off.

Anti slip leash 3 meter assortment

  • S/M: 15 mm wide with matt black clip: suited for small to medium dogs upto around 10 kilo, like a JackRussel Terrier and Beagle.
  • M/L: 20 mm wide with matt black clip: suited for bigger dogs upto 30 kilo, like a German Shepherd, Boxer, Golden Retriever and Collies.
  • L/ XL: 20 mm with stainless steel (AISI 316) clip: suited for the bigger breeds that pull hard and the dogs heavier than 30 kilo’s.

Double clip leash

This leash has 2 clips. Attach to color and harnass and use pressure on the color when needed (for example when the dog pulls or lashes out). You can also use the leash as a normal 3 meter leash, just clip 1 side to the ring attached on the leash to create a handle. Available in 20 mm wide with matt black clips.

Reflective leash 20 mm

Comes in handy when walking in the dark. Leash lights up in combination with (traffic) lights. Available in 20 mm wide with matt black clip M/L.


Your order will be send out on week days within 2-3 days as a mailbox package within The Netherlands. Shippingcosts are € 4,95. 

Would you like to order more than 1 leash at once, or deliver an order outside of The Netherlands, please contact me.

Order here: https://www.hondentaak.nl/anti-slip-lijn-3-meter/