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Let me train your dog

Having your dog trained

In some countries a well-known phenomenon, in the Netherlands not so common: having your dog trained by a professional.

1-on-1 targeted training for your dog

How does this work?

1. We get acquainted beforehand and discuss your wishes. When we agree on the objective and the commitment, we plan the first dates and times.
2. I pick up your dog at home, take him for training and bring him home again. I customize the location to fit the training goals. So this can be just in the neighborhood near home, or it can be a place I drive by car to.

I always train 1-on-1 and look at what the dog needs, my own dogs can be part of the training if desired.

I have experience with a variety of breeds and behaviors. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about such a training.

When to outsource your dog training?

There can be several reasons to choose to outsource your training:

  • when you don’t have time for it yourself
  • when you have doubts about the right approach
  • your own training has not been successful so far
  • physical discomfort or another reason why you yourself are (temporarily) not able to train your dog

I have done such training before, to the satisfaction of the owners.

E.g. with Bordercollie crossbreed Grace. In a situation where the dog’s problems had grown beyond the owners’ control. The behavior there had become increasingly worse and they did not have the ability or the time to change the behavior.

And eg with Terrier Taffy, from seniors who were happy to outsource initial behavioral dog training, due to limited ability and mobility.

Investment to have your dog trained by a professional

In general, it is important that I train the dog on a regular basis and that the dog’s behavior is handled in an agreed-upon manner in the meantime, we discuss this during the introduction and during the training.

Regarding frequency and duration: usually this means that the dog is trained by me almost daily for several weeks and sometimes months. Behavior only changes permanently when trained on a regular basis.

This program can be supplemented with private training, to continue the progress yourself.

Contact me for the possibilities.