let your dog be trained

Let me train your dog

Let your dog be trained

Let your dog be trained. The perfect solution if you do not have the time or option to train your dog.

Private training Wassenaar area

This service is suitable for dogs that are for example:

  • Barking during walks
  • Easily stressed
  • Disobedient 
  • Fearfull during walks

How do I train your dog?

I pick up your dog at your home. Normally one training session takes about 1 hour, but can be extended on request. All training will be adjusted to your dogs needs. 

You like a professional to train your dog? 

- We go over your wishes and expectations.
- We agree on the first training period, dates etc.  

To generate real behavioural changes, training sessions need to be frequent and over a longer period of times.

let your dog be trained

Please contact me to check upon availability.