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Hondentaak dogtraining

Hondentaak private dog training Wassenaar

If you are looking for a dog behaviourist or trainer with a lot of knowledge about dog behaviour. 

Practical guidance with compassion.

Train your dog, improve behaviour

A dog that functions well in his environment, results in a happy owner. Sometimes this does not come naturally and you need help. Ask for professional help and do not follow the tips and tricks from regular people you meet.  A wrong approach might have a negative effect. The right dogtraining will be a valuable investment for your future. In case of puppies or young adult dogs, it's important to start as early as possible to socialise the dog, to prevent behavioural problems at later age. How can Hondentaak dogtraining help you?

Hondentaak private dog training Wassenaar 

Training will take place at your home address and at public area's, because that's where you actually walk your dog.

Judith Fick

Judith Fick, owner of Hondentaak, is a fulltime hondentrainer. She is qualified and accredited dogtrainer, and dog behaviourist with knowledge of the newest sience based insights of dog behaviour. Our dogtraining is based on 'positive' dogtraining methods.